A bit about me. I’m a 4th year architecture & planning student, researcher for a property development news website and a freelance architectural visualisation artist. I have a passion for promoting urban development as well as researching and assessing the impact high density developments have on the cityscape, especially in smaller regional towns and cities.

Find me on Instagram: @Jordan.Wright.Architecture

About Future Skylines

Future Skylines is a passion project, and a platform to share a hobby and interest that will hopefully benefit others as well as inform people to the development occurring in our cities across the country.

I have been modelling buildings in SketchUp for fun since high school, when I created ‘speedbuilds’, timelapses of modelling buildings. As my interests in urbanity begun to focus on taller buildings, especially, the impact high density developments have in smaller regional towns and cities, this hobby shifted to creating what skylines would look like in the future. Most of this work was quick mock ups in Google Earth, but gradually begun to evolve into more detailed modelling projects, with a focus on Bristol and Reading. Having been researching the developments occurring in the South of England, Portsmouth became a fascinating case study as it is set to embrace tall buildings in the coming years, thus this project was born. However, the scope was too big, and subsequently put on the backburner, though many schemes are fully modelled.

The project is now reborn with a focus, and an aim that will not only serve as a platform for me host images and my work, but also as a resource where models can be downloaded to create visualisations or for use in Google Earth. With Leeds being the main focus due its unique development of tall building clusters with more future skylines to come in the future, including Portsmouth and Reading.

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